Better In Stereo by Dove Cameron has a mashup on planedec50's channel.

Background Edit

The background is the Mashup Background from Just Dance 2016.

Dancers Edit

  • Starships (JD2014)
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You (BETA) (JD2015)
  • American Girl (JD2014)
  • Cercavo Amore (JD4)
  • S.O.S. (Remake) (JD2) (GM1)
  • Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) (Remake) (JD2)
  • Oh No! (JD4)
  • Rock N' Roll (JD2014)
  • Love You Like A Love Song (JD4)
  • Firework (JD2)
  • Fame (Remake) (JD1)
  • She Wolf (JD2014)
  • TiK ToK (JD2)
  • Ain't No Other Man (JD4)
  • Brand New Start (JD4)
  • Umbrella (JD4)
  • When I Grow Up (JD2)
  • Starships (JD2014)

Gold Moves Edit

There is one Gold Move in this mashup

Gold Move: Make a quick circle in the air with your right hand

Trivia Edit

  • The mashup background is not correctly timed with the dancers when they change


Better In Stereo - Just Dance FanMade Mashup

Better In Stereo - Just Dance FanMade Mashup