Brand New Start has a mashup created by planedec50.

Dancers Edit

Here are the list of dancers in order.

  • Maria (Sweat) (JD2014)
  • Walk Like A Egyptian (JD2)
  • Beauty And A Beat (JD4)
  • Starships (JD2014)
  • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (JD2)
  • Umbrella (JD4)
  • California Gurls (JD3)
  • I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (JD3)
  • Firework (JD2)
  • She's Got Me Dancing (JD3)
  • DARE (JD1)
  • Barbra Streisand (JD3)
  • Hey Boy Hey Girl (JD3)
  • Gentleman (JD2014)
  • Disco Ball Man (JD2014 Beta)
  • Just Dance (JD2014)
  • American Girl (JD2014)
  • Feel So Right (JD2014)
  • Fine China (Extreme) (JD2014)
  • Funhouse (JD4)
  • Good Feeling (JD4)
  • Summer (JD2015)
  • Super Bass (JD4)
  • Holding Out For A Hero (JD2015)
  • Maria (Sweat) (JD2014)

Background Edit

The background is in a jungle with a flowing waterfall. Many branches hang down with vines growing from them.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely Firework's and Maria's Gold Moves have been removed.
  • I Don't Feel Like Dancing's pictos are using the remade version from Just Dance Now.

Gallery Edit

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