Diamonds” by Rihanna is featured in Just Dance Hits.

Appearance of the DancerEdit

Classic Edit

Diamonds coach 1

The dancer is a woman with short purple hair, a long sleeve purple turtleneck, a gold cage girdle belt that resembles a diamond, pink tights with large holes, and black stiletto ankle boots. At some points, she changes black with most of her outfit changing to white and grey. She has a rainbow outline.


The background is black with white rising glitter resembling the titular diamonds. At some points, a rainbow circular light and a shining white light in the distance shine about. The light is likely to have been caused by the diamonds' reflections of light. At some point during the chorus the background zooms out with the dancer, revealing more diamond covered floor and as the dancer zooms back in strings of diamonds appear in the background.

Gold Moves Edit

There are 3 Gold Moves.
Gold Move 1: Make an arm circle going upward while lifting your left leg.
Gold Move 2: Reach your right arm to the northeast.
Gold Move 3: Make a circle the reversed way and make a diamond. This is the final move of the routine.


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