Kids in America has a remake on planedec50's channel, and is featured on Just Dance Hits.

Appearance of the DancerEdit

The dancer is a schoolgirl. She has purple hair in two pigtails, a pink shirt, a purple & white striped tie, a purple vest, a purple checkered skirt, pink knee-length socks, and purple sneakers.


In the remake, the background has some 2D houses, a fence, some 2D arrows in American style, pedestrian crossings, and shadows of skyscrapers. There are some angulation changing effects, the houses and the arrows glow; furthermore, a ringing bell can be heard at the beginning.

Gold Moves Edit

There are 6 Gold Moves in this routine, which are all the same.

All Gold Moves: Throw both of your arms outward.


  • The thumbnail uses the updated remake, but the video uses the old remake.
  • There is not available gameplay on Planedec's channel.


Game FilesEdit

In-Game ScreenshotsEdit